If ako si Ate Best Friend sa Jollibee commercial

OKAY. So Jollibee released a new commercial recently and it is a prerequel of the one they released early this year. Everyone was in awe with the first one, yung “vow” but on this one, hati eh.

First of all, kudos to the people behind this campaign. I’m pretty sure you all worked hard for this. Good job for thinking outside the box. Magaling yung concept. Relatable!

Back to the commercial.  MASAKIT SYA BES! If I will put myself in her exact shoes and bring this whirlwind romance to life. Heto ang aking saloobin. 

If napansin mo, that very first time na nagkatinginan tayo, Napayuko ako. It’s because sa utak ko, “oo cute ka, pero hindi mo dapat nakita na nakatingin ako sayo. Dyahe!” but then you came up to me and asked if the seat was taken. I wanted to be alone sana so I could eat and study at the same time but then here you are all cute and charming. So kahit sabi ng parents ko “Don’t talk to strangers” eh I shared my table with you. Nauto mo ako sa smile at french-fries dipped in gravy! Napa-smile tuloy ako.

Then you saw her. Oo! Nakita ko yun! She was looking at the menu – You were looking at her – I was looking at you… Sino nakatingin sakin? I should have known by then that this love-struck feeling I have is not going anywhere. But then again nauto mo na naman ako sa french fries! So kahit I feel broken inside, napa-smile mo pa rin ako. Ang saya mo kasi eh after seeing her.

I was very supportive of you na kahit na para sa kanya na yung ginagawa mo eh ok lang. Kahit sabay tayo nagmumukhang engeng, I still cheer for you,kahit deep inside ang sakit sakit na. Yung totoo, nahawa ka ba sa pagiging dense nya sayo?

Then here comes her wedding. You were standing by the aisle, staring at her, speechless, amazed and hurt at the same time habang siya staring at the altar, walking, trying not to bawl due to happiness. And me? Staring at you, crying, and convincing myself that you and I will never going to happen. But then you saw me. I looked down. I walked away. I left.

Then now, here you are, eating french-fries while reminiscing our good times together. Nakakatawa ka. Just because you realized that I have feelings for you, eh bigla mo na lang din maiisip na gusto mo din ako? Of all the people you should be the one to know that what I felt for you is something really painful. Something that needs time. If you were really my friend… best friend, hindi mo ako bigla susungaban ng ganoong hirit. Sabay hahawak ka pa sa kamay ko pagkatapos mo hawakan yung french-fries. “Nagpunas ka man lang ba? Ang greasy ng kamay mo eh!”

So, what now? You like me, ok. Why just now? Gusto kita, but I have to move on from you! Kaya nga ako nakangiti ng hinawakan mo kamay ko eh kasi this time, I know better! There’s a perfect time to find your perfect pair (Jollibee, 2017). That’s true! But this is not the right time because you are not the one for me! You will always be my friend and I deserve someone better than you to be my “the one”.

Sabi sayo Jollibee eh, relatable siya!

That’s it for now!



A to Z Challenge

Not sure if this is really a thing but I want to give it a try. I first saw this in facebook of a magazine brand in the Philippines.

A is for Ash – from my second name, Ashley

B is for Breakfast – I can eat breakfast foods all day er’day!

C is for Champurado – champurado is a filipino delicacy which is made up of glutinous rice, chocolate and sugar and it’s my faaaaavorite!

D is for Driving – I am a lazy driver. As in! I’d rather take the public transpo than drive!

E is for Eyeglasses i have been wearing glasses since I was in fifth grade.

F is for Flowers nope, i am not into flowers! 

G is for Grey’s Anatomy saw this series so many times! As in! It’s my go to whenever I want to watch but can’t decide what to watch. Thanks to Netflix!

H is for Homebud – i like staying at home. I actually have tried staying at home for months with just going out of the house every saturdays for about 2 hours and i love it!! 

I is for Iphone – since I started living here in North America, my phone has always been an apple brand (ain’t bragging, just saying!)

J is for Japanese Foods  i love using chopsticks and loves eating tonkatsu and maki

K is for 3KS – 3Ks stands for the first letter of me and my siblings’ names.

L is for Lindt/Lindor chocolates especially the milk ones are my faave! 

M is for Melon – one of the few fruits I eat.

N is for Nurse – i am a licensed one 🙂

O is for Olivia – the cute ‘bibo’ daughter of blogger/vlogger Andi Manzano and GP Reyes. I am so in love with this cutiepie that I don’t let a day pass by without checking her parents’ social platforms to see her.

P is for Pigs – i have this weird obsession with pigs that started since 2006. Right now, I have about 14 to 15 pigs stuff in my room.

Q is for Quial eggs I love kwek kweks. It is a filipino snack that is made of quial eggs that has batter in it then deep fried. 

R is for Red Velvet my favorite cake flavor. It’s a to die for flavor for me especially if it’s with cream cheese 🙂

S is for SacconeJolys I have been watching this family for years now. It’s my 11 or 12 o’clock habit depending on the timezone. Their first child Emilia wasn’t even crawling yet when I started watching them. 

T is for Traveling- love love traveling, packing and nice hotels!

U is for Unicorn – i honestly cannot think of any word for this then I remember about unicorns. Nope I am not into unicorns, but they are cute. hihi. 

V is for Vanilla i love the scent of vanilla especially if it is in cream form. It smells like freshly baked cookies.

W is for Whoopsiedaisies – i first learned about this in the movie Notting Hill which btw is one of my favourite movies of all time and since the first time I saw this, this expression became my expression as well and had been since I was around 12

X is for Xtreme? haha. i know it starts E but I can’t think of any eh. So, word wise, i am not into extreme adventures nor foods. I am more of a laid back chic who wants to wander safely.

Y is for Yoyo i can play yoyos. 

Z is for Ziploc I actually cannot think of any word other than Ziploc, Zoo and Zygote. So i’ll just go with Ziploc. haha. Ziploc is essential for me when I bake cakes or cupcakes as this is what I use when I decorate 🙂

Here is my A to Z challenge, what’s yours?

That’s it for now,