New York Food trip!

Aside from enjoying the tourist spots and sceneries in the city last month, we also took the chance to eat some of the city’s mouthwatering foods.

I’ve heard good reviews regarding the Halal Guys’ food truck so I sort of made sure that we are going to have a taste of it. This guys have two food trucks located around Times Square. One is at the 6th Avenue while the other one is at the 7th and both are parked in the corners of the street. We ordered Gyro and Chicken over rice. This two meal costs 6-7 dollars each and can be shared by two to four person. I am giving them a 9/10 score as their food is really filling and awesomely delicious! By the way, their meal doesn’t come with a drink but it comes with lots of white sauce (don’t say no to this!) and hot sauce (a little goes a long way!) in separate pouches. Also, if you see them with a big line up especially during lunch hour, don’t be dismayed because the guys serve really fast.


Gyro and Chicken combo over rice

The City Kitchen which is connected to Row NYC is a mini food court outside the mall. As I said in my New York Part 1 blog, we tried and I recommend trying Dough and Whitman’s for breakfast. The doughnuts from Dough were massive in size and tastes good plus they have several flavors to choose from. We tried Whitman’s for breakfast before we left the city. It was a bit pricey (or at least for me) for breakfast but since their food serving is huge and appetizing, the price will make sense. They have several choices for breakfast such as omelettes and pancakes but their meal doesn’t come with a drink.

Sweet Churros which is located at the Food Gallery in 32nd Street. This handcrafted churros is something dessert enthusiast should not miss. Their churros is served depending on your choice of flavor. It is about 10 inch long, looped and can be serve with an ice cream. The churros is really soft and scrumptious and suits good with the soft ice cream. Price wise? Affordable!


Sweet Matcha Churros and Ice cream

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, oh this is the bomb! Among all the branches in New York we tried the one located in Greenwich Village. The branch has only limited seats and we were lucky enough that when we get there, there was no costumer yet. We ordered Seafood Pizza, Margarita Pizza and of course Artichoke Pizza. The pizzas were enormous that it is served with two paper plates. Among the three pizzas, my favorite was the Artichoke. It was so cheesy and so deliciously perfect! No wonder that locals lines up for this!


Front: Artichoke Pizza, Farther back: Seafood Pizza, Right: Margarita Pizza

We also tried Bibble and Sip cafe down in 51st W. The place was so packed when we got there, luckily we did not wait that long for a table. We ordered Matcha latte, some cold teas, a cake and a couple of creampuffs – Earl Grey and Matcha flavor. The foods were very instagrammable. The creampuffs were ok for me as I am not a big fan of matcha but if you are you’ll love them.


Bibble and Sip

Jeepney Gastropub. As soon as we came in, the crew greeted us warmly asking where we want to be seated because they also have tables outside surrounded with bamboos that will make you somehow feel the Philippines’ vibe. The menu was very simple and somehow confusing as they offer bottomless brunch then listed bottomless drinks underneath. We spoke to the lady serving us for explanation and as we all understood her, they are offering bottomless food and drinks for 30$ for a limited time. After finishing our first “light” meal which only cost around 20$, we decided to go for our next order. The lady then told us that it is not part of the “bottomless brunch” anymore which made us feel furious. The lady did apologized to us but did not bother to come back to our table anymore and had somebody to take care of us. Food wise, there is nothing fancy with it. Not even mouthwatering. We paid way bigger than we ate and left the restaurant with tummy still not full. This supposedly enjoyable experience turned to be a disappointing one.


Jeepney Food Entree

Jollibee, the highlight of our New York food trip I guess. Haha. This was actually an impulsive decision we all agreed on. It was already past 9pm when we left to go to Woodside where it is located. The place was packed with mostly Filipinos having a taste of home land. We ordered Chicken joys, Palabok, Spaghetti and of course Peach Mango Pie. It is already given that Jollibee tastes delicious but what surprised me is their portions. They have twice the serving comparing to Philippines and Las Vegas branch! It was such an enjoyable experience.

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New York Pt. 2

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We visited 911 on our third day. It was a sunny weather yet the atmosphere was really gloomy and saddening especially while looking at the names of the people died in the attack. We went to DUMBO Brooklyn after. I guess this was my favorite of all! Aside from being Dan and Jen Humphrey of Gossip Girl and Captain America’s neighborhood, I like how quiet the neighborhood seemed to be. Very far from the glitz and congested Time Square. The place is also very instagrammable with frescoes hiding in some streets and bricked buildings almost everywhere. I also enjoyed the Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn/Park where the boardwalk was my favorite part of it as you’ll get to take a photo of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge in just one shot. After relaxing at the park, we braved the heat and walked at the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a lane for bicycle riders and a lane for walking which is so packed. It was hard to find a spot to take a picture while hoping your phone won’t fall down the highway. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by at Bryant Park. It was also packed with people resting and having a meal by the nearby restaurant but what made me like this park more? It has free Wi-Fi and has a nice public washroom.


DUMBO Brooklyn

The next day, we went to SoHo. Most of the stores made me feel very Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City as the stores are those expensive brands that Carrie and the girls’ loves. We visited Kate Spade which was the first (I believe) store in New York built in 1996. We also saw Bloomingdales, where Rachel Green of F.R.I.E.N.D.S worked. After eating lunch in SoHo, we went to see The Flatiron Building and went to Grand Central Station, again another place in NY that a lot of movies were taken. I was too tired when we get there but I still felt that “Shocks I only see this in the movies and now I am here!!” feeling. Afterwards, we had a quick stop at Washington Square and New York University on our way to Artichoke Pizza then had a quick photo-op at a street in Greenwich Village. TIP: It was a couple of blocks away from Artichoke Pizza, it is a blue painted bricked wall in a corner street. It is very instagrammable, swear! haha.


Flatiron Building

On our last full day in New York, we left the hotel early for our Liberty tour. The Battery Park is where the Ferry port is at. The Ferry was a bit enormous, quite pleasant and equip with life vest in every levels plus there is a food stall inside and lots of seats. While at the ferry, we get to see the view of Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan buildings and Manhattan New York from afar. Liberty Island is the first pit stop. The island is massive and spotless. There are also places to sit on incase feeling tired. We rode again the ferry which comes every 20 minutes per island and went to Ellis Island which was the gateway for immigrants in the past.


View of Manhattan from Liberty Island

We left the port, passed by Bowling Green Park, and walked to the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl which was very tough to take a photo because of people standing in-between the two statues.

We went to see the Wall Street and heard the mass at St. Patrick Cathedral that afternoon. Afterwards, we strolled along Fifth Street and stopped by the famous Tiffany and Co. No we did not stop to buy but we stopped so I can reenact Audrey Hepburn’s scene in her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was a bit hard to take a picture because there were a lot of people walking plus it was still gloomy that time so the lighting was a bit off.

This trip is really one for the books! So happy to get to experience this with my family ❤

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