Gusto ko

Gusto ko magayos.

Magsuot ng tshirt, jeans at jacket

Rubber shoes at sling bag para komportable

Drunken blush make up sabay buhok na ini-tali

Wallet at cellphone tara lets rock it!

Gusto ko lumabas.

Pasok ng sasakyan sabay patugtugin si Moira.

Painitin ang sasakyan habang inaaral ang daan.

Titingin sa gilid, likod at harap kung safe,

Sabay aandar para hindi late.

Gusto ko kumain.

Magiisip ng kakainan, isang mahabang diskusyunan.

Canadian, Korean, Filipino food ba?

Once decided, puntahan na agad,

kesa magulo pa at mauwi sa Mcdonalds.

Gusto ko manuod ng sine.

Ano bang palabas? Anong oras?

RomCom, Sci-Fi, or Cartoons ba?

Kahit ano basta abot sa oras.

Basta may Popcorn at Maltesers okay na.

Gusto ko mag over-looking.

Daan sa Tim Hortons para sa kape,

Drive papuntang Downtown, park sa tabi

Ilabas ang phone, pang instagram pic.

Magmunimuni habang nagmmusic trip.

Gusto ko ikaw.

Ayusin ang schedule, walang aabsent.

Kelan off mo? Free ako sa lunes.

Ok lang kung hindi mo trip ang mga to.

Dahil sa lahat ng ‘to, ikaw ang pinakagusto ko.

That’s All,



It was a good one, 2017!

This year was a whirlwind for me. I was able to experience a lot of things, 20 year old something me will never imagine. My maturity somehow kicked in. My self confidence was tested, so as my patience and self drive. But most of all I was able to experience happy unforgettable memories and checked off a lot of things in my to-do-list.


I was able to visit Washington DC and New York with my family during early summer. It felt surreal! Going to NY was just part of a dream and because of my siblings It came true. I also get to see Lake Minnewanka and Moraine Lake here in Alberta during end of summer with the family as well. Such pretty places!


After years of waiting, I finally got the chance to work as a nurse. It happened 3 months before the year ends with the help of an old friend. Finding a job wasn’t easy that’s why I feel so blessed when this fell in my lap. Very much thankful for this person as well as to my employer for giving me the chance to show off my capabilities as a nurse. Two months after, I was given another chance to be a part-time employee from casual one.

Through the help of a former classmate and friend, I was able to obtain another job. A casual position as a nurse.

I feel really thankful and blessed for having these people lending their hands to help me.


From a chubby, unhealthy 165 lbs woman I was back on May to now an impressive 131 lbs woman, I can’t help but say wow and brag about it. With dedication and discipline, I was able to pull off kilos and inches away just by clean exercise and diet. No diet pills or drinks used. Everyone’s been happy with the result and can’t help expressing how glad they are.

Paano pa kaya ako?!


Driving is one of those that I have been trying to skip doing since 2010. But since my work was 30 minutes away from where I live, I was forced to drive myself to work. Even bought a car which made me love driving now.

Cooking is one of the things I know I have to eventually learn but didn’t realize it will start this year. The range of the things I can cook widened and I am pleased with the result. Tho most of it still needs work, they are still edible, or atleast to my family. Hahahaha.

Decision making and Prioritizing, still a work-in-progress but I must say that this was challenged mostly in the latter part of the year.

Meeting People/New Friends:

I met a lot this year because of work. I was able to meet new set of friends who are of the same age as me. They’ve been helping me to get out of my shell and experience the things Ive been wanting to do. I am in love with them 🙂



I met two this year. The first guy was someone who’s like very ideal for me, physically while the other guy was someone who I can be myself with. Unfortunately, they are both taken.

In this aspect, I also took a risk of letting my feelings out thinking that it will be reciprocated but since the timing was off, It didn’t push through. And the friendship fell off ten notches down.

It has been a challenging and fruitfull year for me. 2017 tested me well and made me an adult. I guess, I wouldn’t want to have it in any other way. Thank you 2017 🙂


If ako si Ate Best Friend sa Jollibee commercial

OKAY. So Jollibee released a new commercial recently and it is a prerequel of the one they released early this year. Everyone was in awe with the first one, yung “vow” but on this one, hati eh.

First of all, kudos to the people behind this campaign. I’m pretty sure you all worked hard for this. Good job for thinking outside the box. Magaling yung concept. Relatable!

Back to the commercial.  MASAKIT SYA BES! If I will put myself in her exact shoes and bring this whirlwind romance to life. Heto ang aking saloobin. 

If napansin mo, that very first time na nagkatinginan tayo, Napayuko ako. It’s because sa utak ko, “oo cute ka, pero hindi mo dapat nakita na nakatingin ako sayo. Dyahe!” but then you came up to me and asked if the seat was taken. I wanted to be alone sana so I could eat and study at the same time but then here you are all cute and charming. So kahit sabi ng parents ko “Don’t talk to strangers” eh I shared my table with you. Nauto mo ako sa smile at french-fries dipped in gravy! Napa-smile tuloy ako.

Then you saw her. Oo! Nakita ko yun! She was looking at the menu – You were looking at her – I was looking at you… Sino nakatingin sakin? I should have known by then that this love-struck feeling I have is not going anywhere. But then again nauto mo na naman ako sa french fries! So kahit I feel broken inside, napa-smile mo pa rin ako. Ang saya mo kasi eh after seeing her.

I was very supportive of you na kahit na para sa kanya na yung ginagawa mo eh ok lang. Kahit sabay tayo nagmumukhang engeng, I still cheer for you,kahit deep inside ang sakit sakit na. Yung totoo, nahawa ka ba sa pagiging dense nya sayo?

Then here comes her wedding. You were standing by the aisle, staring at her, speechless, amazed and hurt at the same time habang siya staring at the altar, walking, trying not to bawl due to happiness. And me? Staring at you, crying, and convincing myself that you and I will never going to happen. But then you saw me. I looked down. I walked away. I left.

Then now, here you are, eating french-fries while reminiscing our good times together. Nakakatawa ka. Just because you realized that I have feelings for you, eh bigla mo na lang din maiisip na gusto mo din ako? Of all the people you should be the one to know that what I felt for you is something really painful. Something that needs time. If you were really my friend… best friend, hindi mo ako bigla susungaban ng ganoong hirit. Sabay hahawak ka pa sa kamay ko pagkatapos mo hawakan yung french-fries. “Nagpunas ka man lang ba? Ang greasy ng kamay mo eh!”

So, what now? You like me, ok. Why just now? Gusto kita, but I have to move on from you! Kaya nga ako nakangiti ng hinawakan mo kamay ko eh kasi this time, I know better! There’s a perfect time to find your perfect pair (Jollibee, 2017). That’s true! But this is not the right time because you are not the one for me! You will always be my friend and I deserve someone better than you to be my “the one”.

Sabi sayo Jollibee eh, relatable siya!

That’s it for now!



The Four Ls of life

Let’s be real. All those “what to do before you hit certain age” are scattered all over the net. But, are these really helpful nor realistic rather? How about I give you another thing to read about this topic? Shall we?

I know all lives are different. We may all have a thing or two experiences in our present lifetime that are the same but there’s still about 20% of it that makes it unique.

I believe that the only things that a person must always do regardless of what age is to learn the 4Ls. It may sound cliché but it is the truth.

Live, Love, Laugh, LearnThis words are actually self explanatory but none of us really knows what it means.


Live life to the fullest is really ain’t that hard. Without doing anything against the law, try doing things outside your comfort zone. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds but every person must know that you won’t be able to know who you really are and what you can do if you always keep yourself in the safe mode. Advice is to start with the things you have always wanted to do. Like those things that your mind takes you whenever you are day dreaming or before you sleep. Try cooking, pottery, kayaking, travel. Be adventurous! Just like what the Spice Girls said, spice up your life!

Learning doesn’t end in school but it goes along as you live. If you think you are already in a place where everything else is very familiar to you, change the routine or walk away as you are already trapped in your shell.

When was the last time you really Laugh so hard that you cried? With all the sticks and stones thrown to each of us, we tend to forget to laugh or even just to smile (genuinely). Life is so beautiful (and short) to be carried away with problems. Be happy!

Most people nowadays are over driven by their chosen careers that they put Love on the side. Being career oriented is good but being overly attached to it is wrong. Don’t let that day come when you wake up and realize you are already alone. Give yourself that chance to find that true love.

Live to Learn to Love and Laugh, always. 

That’s it for now,



I am a timeline myself.

I am the kind of person who sets deadlines and always has a to do list so that to get myself moving and avoid prolong procrastination. I so got used to doing this that I am even planning my life yearly and have like a 5 year to do list to track on.

When I was about 10, I planned to enter relationships after graduating college and as a sign of respect to my parents as well. Now, eight years after graduation, I still haven’t been in one and I am two years away from being 30, my deadline, my marrying age.

Sure it is terrifying. There’s not even a slight sign that I am going to be in a relationship before I hit that age. I planned my everyday too well but since this didn’t occurred to me before to be this possible, I did not make a Plan B.

Mostly everyone surrounding me have been asking me, pushing me to make a move but my guts and pride are barricading me to step out of my zone. Am I procrastinating again or am I just scared? Should I follow my deadline or should I give myself longer chance to find that true love? I am torned by this thoughts.

I believe that timelines are made by human and the thought of ignoring this is making feel not myself.

Must I continually give love a chance to come? Must I keep on waiting? Will it be worth it to make a move?

I am human. I am a timeline myself. I don’t need help, I just need to think this through.

Right now one thing is for sure, if I reach that deadline and still single, I will enroll myself to take a medicine career or get a pomeranian. If I am able to make it, then, I will give the wedding planner the notebook of where I wrote my detailed planned wedding day.

Have I told you I have a habit of thinking too much? 

That’s it for now,



12 questions you should NEVER ask a single lady (TagLish)

Oh Please! We know we are single! You don’t have to slam it on us! Haha. Hindi naman masama maging single eh! Hindi ba pwedeng career minded lang talaga kami or sadyang we are so hopeless romantic that we believe in waiting and by meeting by chance. Kasalanan ba namin that we believe in destiny?

Ladies: This is how we should answer! Lalo na sa mga single late twenties!

Sa mga magtatanong: Kung kayo nagtataka, ano pa kami? Learn to wait ok? haha. Single kami, Walang basagan ng trip!

1. Nasaan boyfriend mo?

You know I don’t have a boyfriend! Kakatanong mo lang last week dba? Alangan naman na in a week nakahanap agad ako?! Ano akala mo sakin, desperate?!

2. May papakilala ako sayo!!!

Nasaaan? Sana sinama mo na agad! Wala naman magagalit eh! Charot! Tip: kung may papakilala ka siguradin mo ok at wag mo sasabhin na may papakilala ka sabay the next na magkita sasabihin mo ulit na may papakilala ka. Kasi pagpaulit ulit sinasabi, nakaka GRRR! haha.

3. Uy Gwapo o! Flirt mo! Daliiii!

Excuse me! Who are you calling flirt? ME? If I am a flirt, do you think I’ll be single now?

4. Maganda ka naman bakit wala ka boyfriend?

I know I am pretty, ok? Ewan ko na lang, bulag ata tong mga lalaki na to.

5. Intimadating ka kasi!

Is it my fault? Kasalanan ko ba na intimidated sila sakin?!

6. Sige ka, magiging matandang dalaga ka nyan!

Tingin mo ba ginusto ko to? Kung may choice ba ako eh! Kasalanan ko bang walang nanliligaw sakin?! Eh sa wala ako nakikilala eh!

7. Mag-ayos ka kasi! Put some make up on para magkaboyfriend ka!

Love me for me; not for how you want me to be, ok! Looks fade you know! At hello! Maganda ako kahit I woke up like this ang pes ko no!

8. Magboyfriend ka na! Gusto ko ng apo/pamangkin no!

Pressure and struggle is real!!! Nay, Tay, Ate, Kuya at Bunso, don’t worry nagkakaron pa ko!

Boyfriend nga ang hirap hanapin, asawa pa kaya? Saka hindi naman porket in a relationship eh ‘matik ng siya na si the one!

9. Ayan kasi ang choosy mo! Standards mo kasi ibaba mo!

Hindi naman ako desperada no. Saka nagantay na lang din ako, edi lubusin ko na. Ang gusto ko lang naman eh mabait, may trabaho, at napapangiti ako. Bonus na lang yung gwapo, matangkad at may dimples! Masama ba yun? haha.

10. Uy, Out of town daw bukas! Kasama daw jowas!

Eh kung landiin ko yung mga jowas nyo?! Kayo na may jowa!

*Never. Ever. Make. Your. Single. Friend. A. Thirdwheel! I know, I know, to some eh ok lang but you know in the midde of your trip or kahit hang out lang somewhere, they’d wish that they did not tag along or that they are in a relationship too.

11. Samin ka na lang sumabay ni jowa, dalawa lang kami.

Depende. Magkano bayad? Gagawin mo na nga akong thirdwheel gagawin mo pa ko taga kuha ng picture nyo!

*Again! Never ever say this! Please lang! Hindi rin dahil sa inggit sil na may jowa ka no, or na bitter sila. (Isa pa yan, never ever say na bitter sla if they’ll say no being thirdwheel) Friendship Etiquette mga bes! Etiquette!

12. Kelan kasal mo?

Mamaya! Umattend ka ha! Sagot mo lechon!


Sinong nagtatanong? Bastos yun ah!

That’s it for now,


PS: Don’t worry you single pretty lady, I know how you feel. Seize the moment lang! Darating din yan! Kung hindi man, eh so what dba?! Cheers! 


The One Who 

The one who will tell you Good morning when you wake up and a Goodnight when you are about to sleep.

The one who will brighten up your day and make everything better and complete.

The one who will ask if you ate lunch already or maybe ask you out to dinner.

The one who will call you during wee hours at work just to tell you I miss you or;

The one who will call you just to hear your voice.

The one who’s voice you are willing to listen to even if it’s 4am.

The one who you can hold hands with while walking under the moonlight or while learning to ski.

The one who will laugh at your corny jokes.

The one who will bite your sandwich before you.

The one who will finish your juice.

The one who will be your “plus one”.

The one who will let you drink or;

The one who will forbid you to drink.

The one who will knock on your door and bring you soup when you’re sick or;

The one who will bring you ice cream just because you are pms-ing.

The one who will tell you to go out with your friends but gives you a “don’t you dare” look.

The one who will introduce you to family and friends.

The one who’s ex you’ll be stalking.

The one who will make an effort to buy you the gift you’ve been checking out in the mall.

The one who will just drive you around.

The one who you’ll celebrate Valentines with.

The one who will carry your shopping bags.

The one who will make you want to learn to cook.

The one who will make you strive more.

The one who will make you smile 24/7.

The one who will make you feel happy just by doing nothing.

The one who will make you feel jealous.

The one who you picture yourself marrying to.

The one who will make you want to have kids.

The one who you want to grow old with.

The one who will make you feel young.

The one you don’t want to lose.

The one you plan future with.

The one who completes you.

The one who will make you believe in forever.

The one who will make you fall over and over again.

The one who will make you feel loved everyday.

The one who will tell you I love you.

The one who will make you feel There is One.




I’m 2 years away till 30 and It is scary AF! I may just be overthinking but reaching that age means more responsibilities coming my way. Time to take ADULT 101 seriously!

In 28 years of existence, I really haven’t done much yet. I just finished school and currently eager to get a job from the career I chose. I haven’t been on a trip, even out of town with my friends. Not even been in a relationship. How am I suppose to face middle adulthood? Is my wisdom already enough for this new chapter?


In General Aspect:

Some says that 30 is the new 20. I am not sure why but if that’s the case, then, Can I still catch up with everything I missed in my 20s? I don’t think so. The energy of a 20 something year old has already gone in me! I cannot party and dance the night away anymore. My alcohol intolerance is already down to 2 bottles of beer or wine or maybe less and shopping for me means going to the grocery store. —- Pretty sure I am not the only one here! 

Maybe it has something to do with the opportunities… career. If that’s the case, then that’s good! More opportunities, More money to pay the bills!

In the social norm… or maybe before the millenials existed, a person in 30/-ish should have already put his/herself together or getting there. WHY?. Is there a deadline on being successful nor a prize? This is putting too much pressure! — FYI: I don’t advice you to procrastinate and be a happy go lucky either!. If a person is not there yet, wait and don’t slam the person with what is norm! The person knows that! 


In behalf:

…. yeah, we are overthinking, we are pressured! We know!


That’s it for now!