If ako si Ate Best Friend sa Jollibee commercial

OKAY. So Jollibee released a new commercial recently and it is a prerequel of the one they released early this year. Everyone was in awe with the first one, yung “vow” but on this one, hati eh.

First of all, kudos to the people behind this campaign. I’m pretty sure you all worked hard for this. Good job for thinking outside the box. Magaling yung concept. Relatable!

Back to the commercial.  MASAKIT SYA BES! If I will put myself in her exact shoes and bring this whirlwind romance to life. Heto ang aking saloobin. 

If napansin mo, that very first time na nagkatinginan tayo, Napayuko ako. It’s because sa utak ko, “oo cute ka, pero hindi mo dapat nakita na nakatingin ako sayo. Dyahe!” but then you came up to me and asked if the seat was taken. I wanted to be alone sana so I could eat and study at the same time but then here you are all cute and charming. So kahit sabi ng parents ko “Don’t talk to strangers” eh I shared my table with you. Nauto mo ako sa smile at french-fries dipped in gravy! Napa-smile tuloy ako.

Then you saw her. Oo! Nakita ko yun! She was looking at the menu – You were looking at her – I was looking at you… Sino nakatingin sakin? I should have known by then that this love-struck feeling I have is not going anywhere. But then again nauto mo na naman ako sa french fries! So kahit I feel broken inside, napa-smile mo pa rin ako. Ang saya mo kasi eh after seeing her.

I was very supportive of you na kahit na para sa kanya na yung ginagawa mo eh ok lang. Kahit sabay tayo nagmumukhang engeng, I still cheer for you,kahit deep inside ang sakit sakit na. Yung totoo, nahawa ka ba sa pagiging dense nya sayo?

Then here comes her wedding. You were standing by the aisle, staring at her, speechless, amazed and hurt at the same time habang siya staring at the altar, walking, trying not to bawl due to happiness. And me? Staring at you, crying, and convincing myself that you and I will never going to happen. But then you saw me. I looked down. I walked away. I left.

Then now, here you are, eating french-fries while reminiscing our good times together. Nakakatawa ka. Just because you realized that I have feelings for you, eh bigla mo na lang din maiisip na gusto mo din ako? Of all the people you should be the one to know that what I felt for you is something really painful. Something that needs time. If you were really my friend… best friend, hindi mo ako bigla susungaban ng ganoong hirit. Sabay hahawak ka pa sa kamay ko pagkatapos mo hawakan yung french-fries. “Nagpunas ka man lang ba? Ang greasy ng kamay mo eh!”

So, what now? You like me, ok. Why just now? Gusto kita, but I have to move on from you! Kaya nga ako nakangiti ng hinawakan mo kamay ko eh kasi this time, I know better! There’s a perfect time to find your perfect pair (Jollibee, 2017). That’s true! But this is not the right time because you are not the one for me! You will always be my friend and I deserve someone better than you to be my “the one”.

Sabi sayo Jollibee eh, relatable siya!

That’s it for now!


Weight Journey Vol. 1

Since I resided in Canada, I indulged myself with too much food. I ate the same amount of serving I used to have when I was still in college and spoilt myself with the foods I used to overlook. This habit stayed on me for years without thinking too much of where this could lead me. All I know was that, I am happy and I am full.

For the past years, I kept eating cups of rice, large fast food meals, bars of chocolate, slices of cake and pizzas, sodas, and even chugging up beers regardless of what time of the day it is already. Lifestyle wise, my 8 – 12 hour job was the only exercise I have. I don’t even exercise when I am off. I pampered myself too much.

Though, there were times that I tried to be fit. I applied for a gym membership, I did Zumba, I biked, I trimmed down the calories I eat and I drank slimming juices but those only lasted for weeks. Honestly, some of these were really effective like the slimming juice that helped me loose 10 lbs. in 2 weeks but it did not last me long as I keep coming back to my old eating habit and I stopped drinking it.

As I get heavier and heavier, I notice that when walking even in a short distant, I grasps from breath. Waking up early is getting harder each day. Skin is getting flaky, dryer and flabbier. But what really motivated me is when I saw visible red scars in my skin. Yes! It is what you think it is and Yes! It is going to stay there forever!

Weeks after I noticed the scary scars, I started eating somehow healthier foods and my lifestyle is not so sedentary anymore. My weight stopped accumulating even though there are days that I cheat on my diet (I mean, Cheat Big time!). Now, I am proud to say that I have already lost 12 lbs.

I succeeded this 12 lbs lost journey in a very natural way and without shedding any money (perhaps, for car gasoline of course!). I started off by walking every morning for at least an hour which costs me to have at least 8 thousand steps per day. I do some arm, ab and and leg exercise in the afternoon. I lessen my rice intake starting with 1 cup each meal to 1/2 cup (to none/day at all) and I stopped drinking carbonated drinks. I even documented the journey and posted it on social media story which made me more motivated as it served as something that I look forward doing.

After this journey, I realized that I should have started loosing weight and tried living healthy years before. I should have not waited for some skin abnormalities to show up nor waited to gain so much weight before I started doing this. 

Loosing weight and exercising is not hard. Maybe in the beginning but not throughout the process. Once you started and saw the result, You’ll realize that it was all in the mind. 

That’s it for now,