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01| Current Mema

Its almost eleven pm and I am about to hit the sack but my mind is still full of things I’ll be doing for the next four months. Sa dami ng to do list ko ang sarap mag procastinate! Haha!

01| Watching

⁃ Dyahe pero, lately I’ve been watching the snippets of Pinoy Big Brother Otso. Haha! I became interested kay JC and Hanie eh.

02| Reading

⁃ I am planning and hoping to finish reading the Bible this year. Fingers crossed!

03| Listening

⁃ Nothing in particular really, but lately LSS ako sa With A Smile by eraserheads.

04| Planning

⁃ A lot! I have bridal shower, wedding, vacation, birthdays to plan to. Bawal magprocastinate talaga!

05| Busy with

⁃ Aside from stuffing myself with load of carbs and crappy food, I’ve been organizing my planners and sorting my files. Adulting 101!

06| Hating

⁃ This effin weather! Haha. Its -32 outside and we cannot find the black heater of my car! Dang!

07| Loving

⁃ Can’t think of one right now. Hmm..


Love, K



Hello again my bloggy!

Been MIA for months as life has been very good to me lately. I’m still in the adjusting phase, weighing how to balance time between work, self and friends. When it comes to family, they always have me, no matter what and when. Ofcourse!

Its been almost a year since I started working as licensed nurse. I will make a separate blog post on this. An honorary post for my one year nursing life. Hows that?!

Met new people, but my new friends from work have been with me since then. I’ve had my firsts with them. Been going out to house parties and pubs with them and get intoxicated which made them hate the poor drunk me. Got to experience my first sleepover in the age of 29. Had my first time “family is away for the weekend, come over party” which ended up with my three guy friends coming over. But it ended up well as we were able to have mature talks. Met some guys, well because of my friends too. Also got to experience a friend’s wedding which is a first as well.

Get to be good in driving. Able to get out of my comfort route and able to drive outside the city.

Able to cook more and bake more and the outcome seems to be so delicious as people keep asking for more of it.

Maintained my 130 lbs weight for a year without exercising and not being too cautious with what I eat. But hey, work has been helping me with it bigtime!

But today on, I’ll be trying to be more proactive and make new posts.

Keep up!



Have you ever felt so trapped in a feeling that you know, even when you scream, no one can hear you?

You talk. A lot. So he can hear. You say, words, paragraphs so he can understand. But the walls he built are too high and so sound proofed that even the bomb can’t get pass through.

You deliver. Your gestures are huge and very noticeable. You show concern and affection. Liking and doing the things he like. But none of your effort seems to caught his chinky eyes.

You fish for his words, to questions you deliver as a joke. Laugh and pretend that you don’t really mean them. But deeply you are wounded and weeping, as the answers seem to justify no future for you two.

You want not to like him but the feelings doesn’t go away. You try to change your ways but still unnoticeable to his array. You want to touch him so he can feel your warmth and hug him tightly. You want him to see you, and look at you the way you look at him.