If ako si Ate Best Friend sa Jollibee commercial

OKAY. So Jollibee released a new commercial recently and it is a prerequel of the one they released early this year. Everyone was in awe with the first one, yung “vow” but on this one, hati eh.

First of all, kudos to the people behind this campaign. I’m pretty sure you all worked hard for this. Good job for thinking outside the box. Magaling yung concept. Relatable!

Back to the commercial.  MASAKIT SYA BES! If I will put myself in her exact shoes and bring this whirlwind romance to life. Heto ang aking saloobin. 

If napansin mo, that very first time na nagkatinginan tayo, Napayuko ako. It’s because sa utak ko, “oo cute ka, pero hindi mo dapat nakita na nakatingin ako sayo. Dyahe!” but then you came up to me and asked if the seat was taken. I wanted to be alone sana so I could eat and study at the same time but then here you are all cute and charming. So kahit sabi ng parents ko “Don’t talk to strangers” eh I shared my table with you. Nauto mo ako sa smile at french-fries dipped in gravy! Napa-smile tuloy ako.

Then you saw her. Oo! Nakita ko yun! She was looking at the menu – You were looking at her – I was looking at you… Sino nakatingin sakin? I should have known by then that this love-struck feeling I have is not going anywhere. But then again nauto mo na naman ako sa french fries! So kahit I feel broken inside, napa-smile mo pa rin ako. Ang saya mo kasi eh after seeing her.

I was very supportive of you na kahit na para sa kanya na yung ginagawa mo eh ok lang. Kahit sabay tayo nagmumukhang engeng, I still cheer for you,kahit deep inside ang sakit sakit na. Yung totoo, nahawa ka ba sa pagiging dense nya sayo?

Then here comes her wedding. You were standing by the aisle, staring at her, speechless, amazed and hurt at the same time habang siya staring at the altar, walking, trying not to bawl due to happiness. And me? Staring at you, crying, and convincing myself that you and I will never going to happen. But then you saw me. I looked down. I walked away. I left.

Then now, here you are, eating french-fries while reminiscing our good times together. Nakakatawa ka. Just because you realized that I have feelings for you, eh bigla mo na lang din maiisip na gusto mo din ako? Of all the people you should be the one to know that what I felt for you is something really painful. Something that needs time. If you were really my friend… best friend, hindi mo ako bigla susungaban ng ganoong hirit. Sabay hahawak ka pa sa kamay ko pagkatapos mo hawakan yung french-fries. “Nagpunas ka man lang ba? Ang greasy ng kamay mo eh!”

So, what now? You like me, ok. Why just now? Gusto kita, but I have to move on from you! Kaya nga ako nakangiti ng hinawakan mo kamay ko eh kasi this time, I know better! There’s a perfect time to find your perfect pair (Jollibee, 2017). That’s true! But this is not the right time because you are not the one for me! You will always be my friend and I deserve someone better than you to be my “the one”.

Sabi sayo Jollibee eh, relatable siya!

That’s it for now!


HIMYM: Letter to Ted Mosby

Re-post from my old account publised: July 14, 2016

Hi Teddddd!

You do not know me but I sorta know you. I have seen some of the season 1 and the last two episodes of the last season of HIMYM just now and I am already wanting to meet you.

It is funny how maybe 19 episodes, wikipedia reading and pinterest pictures made me fall for you. YES! Well, it may not be like the what Marshall and Lily has but it is definitely not like how Barney was with the ladies. It is maybe like how you felt when you met Slutty Pumpkin in the halloween party in the rooftop. That I can wait for you for years so I can get to know you more.

Creepy isn’t it? Haha! Well that’s how you were with her.

I like how you are not cynical with love (applause to the writers!!). You wait. And wait. And never lose hope. You believed. I guess that is one of the many reason why I admire you. You are even willing to pay and break an engagement just to see if an 8.6 can lead you to your “the one”.  

If only HIMYM is a real life story… I will go to the MacLaren’s pub every night and wait for Barney to ask me if I have met you. I will talk to you. Get to know you.  I will teach you how to bake, make sure you are at home sleeping after 2am, make your coffee taste a little rusty, I will still allow you to go to the pub as long as you are not alone with Barney. And make you realize that Robin nor Tracey is not the one for you. Not even Victoria.

I will get to know you more by watching more episodes. So I’ll get back to you after I do that.

That’s it for now.