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A Simple Message

Its 12am. Its your birthday. I want to greet you so badly but because of how things turned between us, I can’t.

Happy birthday to you mister! Hope you have a good one. In case you feel lonely and needs someone to cheer you up even just for a day, message me and I’ll make you the happiest person alive. Ingat ka! Sana kahit one time lang, makapagusap ulit tayo. One time lang.


Love, K


Learning Self Love at 30

Five days ago, I celebrated my 30th birthday. The age I have been so afraid of since I reached my 25 years old.

I was never the in a relationship kind of girl. I have always dreamt of marrying my long time boyfriend when I reached 30 and start a family by the age of 31. It did not happen.

I so wanted my dreams to happen that when I reached my 29th birthday, I grabbed every “love” opportunity that come my way. Even that there was no love, or even a tiny feeling, I put every drop of romance in it. Pushing and hoping it will blossom into one.

I became and looked so desperate. I forgot that I am the traditional kind of lady. I chased, I assumed, I did the first moves. I turned to someone I don’t know just because I was scared.

Then I met someone who changed my game. He made me remember my role. But it was too late when I realized. His role ended like a wind passing by. The impact was so strong. He came just months before I turned 30 and left the day I became 30. He served his purpose well.

Now, I’m turning in to a new leaf. Starting my thirties by loving and understanding myself first… SELF LOVE. Attract the good, Ignore the bad.

I’ll be fine.


Love, K

It was a good one, 2017!

This year was a whirlwind for me. I was able to experience a lot of things, 20 year old something me will never imagine. My maturity somehow kicked in. My self confidence was tested, so as my patience and self drive. But most of all I was able to experience happy unforgettable memories and checked off a lot of things in my to-do-list.


I was able to visit Washington DC and New York with my family during early summer. It felt surreal! Going to NY was just part of a dream and because of my siblings It came true. I also get to see Lake Minnewanka and Moraine Lake here in Alberta during end of summer with the family as well. Such pretty places!


After years of waiting, I finally got the chance to work as a nurse. It happened 3 months before the year ends with the help of an old friend. Finding a job wasn’t easy that’s why I feel so blessed when this fell in my lap. Very much thankful for this person as well as to my employer for giving me the chance to show off my capabilities as a nurse. Two months after, I was given another chance to be a part-time employee from casual one.

Through the help of a former classmate and friend, I was able to obtain another job. A casual position as a nurse.

I feel really thankful and blessed for having these people lending their hands to help me.


From a chubby, unhealthy 165 lbs woman I was back on May to now an impressive 131 lbs woman, I can’t help but say wow and brag about it. With dedication and discipline, I was able to pull off kilos and inches away just by clean exercise and diet. No diet pills or drinks used. Everyone’s been happy with the result and can’t help expressing how glad they are.

Paano pa kaya ako?!


Driving is one of those that I have been trying to skip doing since 2010. But since my work was 30 minutes away from where I live, I was forced to drive myself to work. Even bought a car which made me love driving now.

Cooking is one of the things I know I have to eventually learn but didn’t realize it will start this year. The range of the things I can cook widened and I am pleased with the result. Tho most of it still needs work, they are still edible, or atleast to my family. Hahahaha.

Decision making and Prioritizing, still a work-in-progress but I must say that this was challenged mostly in the latter part of the year.

Meeting People/New Friends:

I met a lot this year because of work. I was able to meet new set of friends who are of the same age as me. They’ve been helping me to get out of my shell and experience the things Ive been wanting to do. I am in love with them 🙂



I met two this year. The first guy was someone who’s like very ideal for me, physically while the other guy was someone who I can be myself with. Unfortunately, they are both taken.

In this aspect, I also took a risk of letting my feelings out thinking that it will be reciprocated but since the timing was off, It didn’t push through. And the friendship fell off ten notches down.

It has been a challenging and fruitfull year for me. 2017 tested me well and made me an adult. I guess, I wouldn’t want to have it in any other way. Thank you 2017 🙂