A to Z Challenge

Not sure if this is really a thing but I want to give it a try. I first saw this in facebook of a magazine brand in the Philippines.

A is for Ash – from my second name, Ashley

B is for Breakfast – I can eat breakfast foods all day er’day!

C is for Champurado – champurado is a filipino delicacy which is made up of glutinous rice, chocolate and sugar and it’s my faaaaavorite!

D is for Driving – I am a lazy driver. As in! I’d rather take the public transpo than drive!

E is for Eyeglasses i have been wearing glasses since I was in fifth grade.

F is for Flowers nope, i am not into flowers! 

G is for Grey’s Anatomy saw this series so many times! As in! It’s my go to whenever I want to watch but can’t decide what to watch. Thanks to Netflix!

H is for Homebud – i like staying at home. I actually have tried staying at home for months with just going out of the house every saturdays for about 2 hours and i love it!! 

I is for Iphone – since I started living here in North America, my phone has always been an apple brand (ain’t bragging, just saying!)

J is for Japanese Foods  i love using chopsticks and loves eating tonkatsu and maki

K is for 3KS – 3Ks stands for the first letter of me and my siblings’ names.

L is for Lindt/Lindor chocolates especially the milk ones are my faave! 

M is for Melon – one of the few fruits I eat.

N is for Nurse – i am a licensed one 🙂

O is for Olivia – the cute ‘bibo’ daughter of blogger/vlogger Andi Manzano and GP Reyes. I am so in love with this cutiepie that I don’t let a day pass by without checking her parents’ social platforms to see her.

P is for Pigs – i have this weird obsession with pigs that started since 2006. Right now, I have about 14 to 15 pigs stuff in my room.

Q is for Quial eggs I love kwek kweks. It is a filipino snack that is made of quial eggs that has batter in it then deep fried. 

R is for Red Velvet my favorite cake flavor. It’s a to die for flavor for me especially if it’s with cream cheese 🙂

S is for SacconeJolys I have been watching this family for years now. It’s my 11 or 12 o’clock habit depending on the timezone. Their first child Emilia wasn’t even crawling yet when I started watching them. 

T is for Traveling- love love traveling, packing and nice hotels!

U is for Unicorn – i honestly cannot think of any word for this then I remember about unicorns. Nope I am not into unicorns, but they are cute. hihi. 

V is for Vanilla i love the scent of vanilla especially if it is in cream form. It smells like freshly baked cookies.

W is for Whoopsiedaisies – i first learned about this in the movie Notting Hill which btw is one of my favourite movies of all time and since the first time I saw this, this expression became my expression as well and had been since I was around 12

X is for Xtreme? haha. i know it starts E but I can’t think of any eh. So, word wise, i am not into extreme adventures nor foods. I am more of a laid back chic who wants to wander safely.

Y is for Yoyo i can play yoyos. 

Z is for Ziploc I actually cannot think of any word other than Ziploc, Zoo and Zygote. So i’ll just go with Ziploc. haha. Ziploc is essential for me when I bake cakes or cupcakes as this is what I use when I decorate 🙂

Here is my A to Z challenge, what’s yours?

That’s it for now,



Before I started this blogsite, I had questions to regarding how committed I will become this time and what will the flow of my posts be. So, I decided to search the people in the media industry who I think blogs (Some I have been following for a while now, while some I just recently followed). Luckily, I found the people I currently call My Blogginspirations!

In no particular order, let me introduce them to you:

Andi Manzano Reyes – www.andimanzano.com

From being Magic 89.9’s DJ Andi9 to now a Mommy of Olivia, is also a blogger and vlogger! I started following her blog site recently and wow! Her radiant beauty, awesome kindness and intellect vibrates on her posts and other social accounts.

 Recently, she was awarded as Top Parenting Influencer for Philippines in Influence Asia Awards 2017. — Now while writing this blog, it seems like she is more than a blog icon to me! 

If you are a Mom or a Mom to be and want some Mommy/Parenting Blogs to read on, I definitely recommend Andi’s Blog 😉

Gretchen Ho – www.gretchenho.com

The woman in action! An inspiration to many especially to the women her age. Her intelligence and passion arrays to her work whether on tv or via her fingertips (e.g. blog).

Another blogger that proved to me that no matter how busy life gets, you must always find time to the things you love. And as for her, she finds time to stay fit, blog and travel aside from spending time with the people she loves.

And btw, this woman also won recently in Influence Asia Awards 2017 as Top Fitness and Health Influencer for the Philippines!

Maine Mendoza – www.mainemendoza.com

Yaya Dub to many, is the other half of the phenomenal AlDub that trended almost around the globe. Since the first time I saw her on tv I noticed that this lady is more than just a wacky comedian-actress-host as she portrays on tv. Maine seems to be a well read person! I like how unpretentious her posts are! It’s like she posts what she thinks, what she feels and without any worry of what readers may think of her — and I want that too! Beyond the popularity she has now, she seems to still possess the same attitude and stays true towards her blog and it’s readers!

Mari Jasmine – www.marijasmine.com

The ever pretty Mari! I actually found out about her because of Sam Milby. Since then, I followed her twitter account and just recently I followed her instagram and blog site. Her posts are mostly into fashion and wellness which are informative and the travel section was very inviting! The layout of her site is really really nice! I have only read a few of her posts and I already fell in love! — Sam, you lucky guy!

Nikki Gil Albert – www.nikkigil.com

The girl in the coke commercial to “sakayan ng jeep” to being an actress/host/VJ to now a married woman.

In her blog site, I like the life and love related section and How To posts that are informative and relatable. Also, I like that she talks about make upI think that Nikki and I, somehow, has the same color complexion and her make up tutorials can help me find new ways to apply make up to myself.

Philip Wangwww.wongfuphil.wordpress.com

The main reason I made my blog site in wordpress! I looove how this man writes the very heart warming, heart felt stories and then transform it to life via making short films in Youtube. Even his life realizations are so nice to read.

FYI: Philip is one of the 3 main guys of Wong Fu Productions. I have been a fan of these guys for almost 7 years now, also I have seen almost all their work! — I even purchased a couple of shirts from them!

I hope that I can someday write like him because you can easily feel his passion in writing just by reading his posts.

Apart from them, there are also a few more blogsites that I like visiting to. These are:

Kryz Uy – www.kryzuy.com

I like her travel section as well as her make up tutorials.

Bianca Gonzalez Intal – www.iamsuperbianca.com

I used to read her blogs for years. I love her posts especially her Top10. 

If you haven’t checked out any of the sites, I do recommend you to do so. Definitely worth your time!

Thats it for now!