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Blog Introduction 

This is not the first time I am doing an introductory post for a blog. I have been trying to keep one since my teenage years. Sad to say, none of them even reached 20 posts so here I am trying to start one….. AGAIN.

Before this blog account, I already had a blog site (also in here) that is running smoothly but I wasn’t happy with my blog address so I made this new one and copied my old posts. 

I am not a good writer. I elaborate too much. I am not confident. My topics seems to be off…. or maybe, I am just overthinking. I will try to make a new leaf in the flow of my posts btw, so if you personally know me, relax ka lang ok?!

  • Why I want to keep a blog site?

My mind is always full of ideas… thoughts, that sometimes are just kept in my mind. Some of these thoughts are I believe worth the share so I decided to blog. I also wanted to practice forming essays.

Well, there might not be a lot of you who will be interested to read my post/s but if you did, hope it was worth your time. Follow me Maybe?

Get to know me a little, click here!

That’s it for now!


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