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Hi There!




So, you are here to know more facts about me, right? Let me feed your curiosity then.

I really do not know where to begin. How much information should I share without being too publicised? Anyway, let me make this less formal.

As what I said in the front page, my name is Ash. I am 28 years old. I lived in the Philippines almost all my life and moved in Canada after I graduated college. I studied nursing for nine years (four years for BS. Nursing in Philippines then five years as distant student for Practical Nursing in Canada).

I am into baking and currently drawn to cooking. I like collecting pig stuff and memorabilia. In my wee hours, I watch Youtube vloggers, check my media platforms, do crochet or daydream which easily puts me to sleep.

My love for writing started when I was in grade school where I keep journals. During middle school, I used to write poems (I once won a prize in school for the poem I wrote for my best friend), open letters and simply doodling. I began blogging when I was in first year college (I think), since then, I have created numbers of blog sites because they all ended up being not updated and then deleted.

Random Facts:

My favorite color is PINK

Pigs, Pastries, Roller coasters and City Lights also gives me joy

I refer myself as an ambivert (self-diagnosed)

I haven’t been in a relationship nor a date

I like traveling

I am not a fan of driving and flowers

Get to know me more by reading my blogs and feel free to comment or talk to me, just don’t be harsh, ok?

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That’s all for now!