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Weight Journey Vol. 2

Since I decided to loose weight last May of 2017, I am proud to say that I have now lost 31 lbs in total. The process wasn’t easy. It does need a lot of determination, focus and a lot of patience.

During this journey, I tried and still trying different ways  on how to loose weight (rushed, moderate phase & relax). Other than having the will to stay fit, one must be willing to move and burn calories. Disclaimer alert: I am not a pro! It worked for me and it might not work for you. And oh? Not much money shedded in here. free and pure and clean healthy living!

1. Exercise: After loosing about 20 lbs from walking in the mall, I changed up my routine and went to a sort of massive workout which I do at home (not on a regular basis). I have a yoga mat, dumbbells (3lbs), 10 lb weight, treadmill and ab chair at home which we bought years ago (You don’t need to buy if you don’t have any, these are optional). My routine usually consist of cardio, arms, and ab workout which takes me 1 hour and 30 minutes max to do. I try to do this everyday as much as I can. When I get busy, as much as possible I don’t let another week pass by after my last workout as the muscles and fats will stop moving if I do. Atleast a day in between is pretty much acceptable.

2. Control: I don’t follow any strict rules in dieting except counting my calorie intake. For my body built and lifestyle I am allowed to take 1200 calories/day but (which, not advised) I try to limit my intake to 800 only or less (Very unhealthy and inappropriate). I eat rice, pasta, cake and all but small amounts only. Starving and depriving  yourself is also not good for your body yerkno!. Beverage wise, I stopped drinking pop and not so on alcoholic drinks anymore. I drink warm water before and after meal to help in digesting and not sure if this is true but I heard it helps on melting the fats you have in your belly part too. Eating is good, just learn to control yourself from eating too much.

3. Go Now!: I have this qoute in my mind that I always tell myself everytime I get lazy working out which is “This time next year, you’ll wish you started this last year!” Which is definitely true! Start working out the moment you thought of it, preferably morning, before you convince yourself not to or do it tomorrow.

“E-C-G for is for the heart and heart is for the soul” Get the humor? Hahaha!

Happy Living Healthy!

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Last September 16, some Edmonton bloggers and photo enthusiasts gathered for an event in search of the #IGWALLSOFYEG. (IGWALLSOFYEG are mural walls that are scattered around the city that are instagram post goals.)

Unfortunately, we were not able to come with the group because, uhm, we’re late. So we decided to just go by ourselves and follow the locations posted on the event site. It was kind of a breezy afternoon and a lot of things are going on all over the city so we were only able to find 4 out of the many.

The first one we saw was the one behind Blvd by 109 street. It was a bit on the dark side art plus parking was hard by it’s location so we didn’t bother taking a picture.

The other one is by 104 or 105 street. It was colorful and like future meets ratatouille theme. I was able to take a photo but since it took me forever to make this post, I deleted it.

The other two were just about 30 steps near each other and near the wall described above and are located by 103 street. (Parking ALERT: There is a parking space by 102 street and an impark by 103). One of them is a simple red-bricked-glossy like wall.

We had a few photos taken but since it was a bit shaded, lighting wasn’t good.

This last wall wasn’t actually included at their list but since we got a little annoyed on how hard it was to find the walls, we took photos instead.


Posing and taking photos at the last two location wasn’t that embarrassing as not many cars were passing by as it wasn’t the main street. But people passing by are able to see as.
Soon as the weather gets hotter again, we will be searching for more photos and I’ll posting where and how to find them so as parking spots so stay tuned 🙂

That’s it for now.