A to Z Challenge

Not sure if this is really a thing but I want to give it a try. I first saw this in facebook of a magazine brand in the Philippines.

A is for Ash – from my second name, Ashley

B is for Breakfast – I can eat breakfast foods all day er’day!

C is for Champurado – champurado is a filipino delicacy which is made up of glutinous rice, chocolate and sugar and it’s my faaaaavorite!

D is for Driving – I am a lazy driver. As in! I’d rather take the public transpo than drive!

E is for Eyeglasses i have been wearing glasses since I was in fifth grade.

F is for Flowers nope, i am not into flowers! 

G is for Grey’s Anatomy saw this series so many times! As in! It’s my go to whenever I want to watch but can’t decide what to watch. Thanks to Netflix!

H is for Homebud – i like staying at home. I actually have tried staying at home for months with just going out of the house every saturdays for about 2 hours and i love it!! 

I is for Iphone – since I started living here in North America, my phone has always been an apple brand (ain’t bragging, just saying!)

J is for Japanese Foods  i love using chopsticks and loves eating tonkatsu and maki

K is for 3KS – 3Ks stands for the first letter of me and my siblings’ names.

L is for Lindt/Lindor chocolates especially the milk ones are my faave! 

M is for Melon – one of the few fruits I eat.

N is for Nurse – i am a licensed one 🙂

O is for Olivia – the cute ‘bibo’ daughter of blogger/vlogger Andi Manzano and GP Reyes. I am so in love with this cutiepie that I don’t let a day pass by without checking her parents’ social platforms to see her.

P is for Pigs – i have this weird obsession with pigs that started since 2006. Right now, I have about 14 to 15 pigs stuff in my room.

Q is for Quial eggs I love kwek kweks. It is a filipino snack that is made of quial eggs that has batter in it then deep fried. 

R is for Red Velvet my favorite cake flavor. It’s a to die for flavor for me especially if it’s with cream cheese 🙂

S is for SacconeJolys I have been watching this family for years now. It’s my 11 or 12 o’clock habit depending on the timezone. Their first child Emilia wasn’t even crawling yet when I started watching them. 

T is for Traveling- love love traveling, packing and nice hotels!

U is for Unicorn – i honestly cannot think of any word for this then I remember about unicorns. Nope I am not into unicorns, but they are cute. hihi. 

V is for Vanilla i love the scent of vanilla especially if it is in cream form. It smells like freshly baked cookies.

W is for Whoopsiedaisies – i first learned about this in the movie Notting Hill which btw is one of my favourite movies of all time and since the first time I saw this, this expression became my expression as well and had been since I was around 12

X is for Xtreme? haha. i know it starts E but I can’t think of any eh. So, word wise, i am not into extreme adventures nor foods. I am more of a laid back chic who wants to wander safely.

Y is for Yoyo i can play yoyos. 

Z is for Ziploc I actually cannot think of any word other than Ziploc, Zoo and Zygote. So i’ll just go with Ziploc. haha. Ziploc is essential for me when I bake cakes or cupcakes as this is what I use when I decorate 🙂

Here is my A to Z challenge, what’s yours?

That’s it for now,



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