New York Pt. 2

New York Trip Pt. 1, click here!!!

We visited 911 on our third day. It was a sunny weather yet the atmosphere was really gloomy and saddening especially while looking at the names of the people died in the attack. We went to DUMBO Brooklyn after. I guess this was my favorite of all! Aside from being Dan and Jen Humphrey of Gossip Girl and Captain America’s neighborhood, I like how quiet the neighborhood seemed to be. Very far from the glitz and congested Time Square. The place is also very instagrammable with frescoes hiding in some streets and bricked buildings almost everywhere. I also enjoyed the Empire Fulton Ferry Lawn/Park where the boardwalk was my favorite part of it as you’ll get to take a photo of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge in just one shot. After relaxing at the park, we braved the heat and walked at the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a lane for bicycle riders and a lane for walking which is so packed. It was hard to find a spot to take a picture while hoping your phone won’t fall down the highway. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped by at Bryant Park. It was also packed with people resting and having a meal by the nearby restaurant but what made me like this park more? It has free Wi-Fi and has a nice public washroom.


DUMBO Brooklyn

The next day, we went to SoHo. Most of the stores made me feel very Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City as the stores are those expensive brands that Carrie and the girls’ loves. We visited Kate Spade which was the first (I believe) store in New York built in 1996. We also saw Bloomingdales, where Rachel Green of F.R.I.E.N.D.S worked. After eating lunch in SoHo, we went to see The Flatiron Building and went to Grand Central Station, again another place in NY that a lot of movies were taken. I was too tired when we get there but I still felt that “Shocks I only see this in the movies and now I am here!!” feeling. Afterwards, we had a quick stop at Washington Square and New York University on our way to Artichoke Pizza then had a quick photo-op at a street in Greenwich Village. TIP: It was a couple of blocks away from Artichoke Pizza, it is a blue painted bricked wall in a corner street. It is very instagrammable, swear! haha.


Flatiron Building

On our last full day in New York, we left the hotel early for our Liberty tour. The Battery Park is where the Ferry port is at. The Ferry was a bit enormous, quite pleasant and equip with life vest in every levels plus there is a food stall inside and lots of seats. While at the ferry, we get to see the view of Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Manhattan buildings and Manhattan New York from afar. Liberty Island is the first pit stop. The island is massive and spotless. There are also places to sit on incase feeling tired. We rode again the ferry which comes every 20 minutes per island and went to Ellis Island which was the gateway for immigrants in the past.


View of Manhattan from Liberty Island

We left the port, passed by Bowling Green Park, and walked to the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl which was very tough to take a photo because of people standing in-between the two statues.

We went to see the Wall Street and heard the mass at St. Patrick Cathedral that afternoon. Afterwards, we strolled along Fifth Street and stopped by the famous Tiffany and Co. No we did not stop to buy but we stopped so I can reenact Audrey Hepburn’s scene in her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was a bit hard to take a picture because there were a lot of people walking plus it was still gloomy that time so the lighting was a bit off.

This trip is really one for the books! So happy to get to experience this with my family ❤

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New York Pt. 1

Going to New York has been in my bucket list since I was little, and now, I can proudly say that this dream came true last month.

This is going to be a long blog post so I’ll cut this into two parts.

We rode the train from Union Square in DC (Washington Blog soon) going to Penn Station in NY. While still in the train, my mind was already blown by the fact that I am already in the Big Apple. After we got off, I  noticed how fast pace the city is. I thought this was only because we were in a train station but soon as we exited, there were a lot more people walking. My adrenaline rushed quickly that I just walked as fast and attentive as I can going to our hotel. I even forgot how tired and sore my feet were.

We stayed in Row NYC which is located about 5 minutes’ walk to Times Square and 2 minutes’ walk to a subway station. The hotel has nice modern interior, clean and has polite crew. They also clean rooms every day and changes towels which made me like the hotel more. This hotel is connected to City Kitchen which has a variety of foods to choose from. I definitely recommend trying donuts from Dough and Whitman’s for breakfast as they have big servings for a right price.

After resting, we went to see the famous Times Square. The movies are not kidding! The billboards are really huge! The lights are really entertaining as they bright up the place. The red stairs was packed with people so I did not had the chance to sit nor step on it. We kept coming back there during the whole stay but none of those days that I see this without people.

IMG_7510New York Times Square

Around Times Square we saw the HOPE and LOVE SIGN which are very hard to miss as they are really huge in size.

We started the next day getting lost at Central Park (kidding, only a little bit!). This huge hectares of land is pretty amusing. People won’t get bored strolling here, just tired as I think to get to experience the whole Central Park you need to allot your whole day in it. Our first stop was at The Great Lawn then went to see The Belvedere Castle and had a view of its nearby lake. The Ramble which has small hidden falls and lovely benches which has messages engraved in it. The Bow Bridge, which has that romantic vibe. The Bethesda Fountain where the last scene of The Avengers was shot and The Bethesda Terrace where Chuck and Blair got married in Gossip Girl. The Cherry Hill Fountain which they said is the fountain you see in the TV show FRIENDS. The beautiful Conservatory Water where we had our morning snack which by the way the chocolate brownie in the refreshment booth in here taste really good! We also had the chance to experience Central Park Mall and Literary Walk which is always used in movies and TV shows, you know that wide park where there are benches facing each other and performers and photographers are everywhere… Friends with Benefits and Glee had some scenes taken there.

blognyBow Bridge in Central Park

We went out the park and saw Solomon Guggenheim Museum which is located just across the street then walked a little more and reached The Metropolitan Museum which is another Gossip Girl location.

That afternoon, we went to see Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock. The view from the observation deck is awesomely breathtaking and very instagrammable! You’ll get to see the whole Manhattan… New York rather and you’ll see all the tallest buildings there is in the city. Aside from the view, I loved the blinking lights in the room on the second floor of the deck (totally recommend if you like lights!!!) We check out Empire State Building afterwards but did not bother going up as it has somehow same view as the Top of the Rock plus the lobby was so packed already with people wanting to get in.

QKUJ0955View from Observation Deck

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A to Z Challenge

Not sure if this is really a thing but I want to give it a try. I first saw this in facebook of a magazine brand in the Philippines.

A is for Ash – from my second name, Ashley

B is for Breakfast – I can eat breakfast foods all day er’day!

C is for Champurado – champurado is a filipino delicacy which is made up of glutinous rice, chocolate and sugar and it’s my faaaaavorite!

D is for Driving – I am a lazy driver. As in! I’d rather take the public transpo than drive!

E is for Eyeglasses i have been wearing glasses since I was in fifth grade.

F is for Flowers nope, i am not into flowers! 

G is for Grey’s Anatomy saw this series so many times! As in! It’s my go to whenever I want to watch but can’t decide what to watch. Thanks to Netflix!

H is for Homebud – i like staying at home. I actually have tried staying at home for months with just going out of the house every saturdays for about 2 hours and i love it!! 

I is for Iphone – since I started living here in North America, my phone has always been an apple brand (ain’t bragging, just saying!)

J is for Japanese Foods  i love using chopsticks and loves eating tonkatsu and maki

K is for 3KS – 3Ks stands for the first letter of me and my siblings’ names.

L is for Lindt/Lindor chocolates especially the milk ones are my faave! 

M is for Melon – one of the few fruits I eat.

N is for Nurse – i am a licensed one 🙂

O is for Olivia – the cute ‘bibo’ daughter of blogger/vlogger Andi Manzano and GP Reyes. I am so in love with this cutiepie that I don’t let a day pass by without checking her parents’ social platforms to see her.

P is for Pigs – i have this weird obsession with pigs that started since 2006. Right now, I have about 14 to 15 pigs stuff in my room.

Q is for Quial eggs I love kwek kweks. It is a filipino snack that is made of quial eggs that has batter in it then deep fried. 

R is for Red Velvet my favorite cake flavor. It’s a to die for flavor for me especially if it’s with cream cheese 🙂

S is for SacconeJolys I have been watching this family for years now. It’s my 11 or 12 o’clock habit depending on the timezone. Their first child Emilia wasn’t even crawling yet when I started watching them. 

T is for Traveling- love love traveling, packing and nice hotels!

U is for Unicorn – i honestly cannot think of any word for this then I remember about unicorns. Nope I am not into unicorns, but they are cute. hihi. 

V is for Vanilla i love the scent of vanilla especially if it is in cream form. It smells like freshly baked cookies.

W is for Whoopsiedaisies – i first learned about this in the movie Notting Hill which btw is one of my favourite movies of all time and since the first time I saw this, this expression became my expression as well and had been since I was around 12

X is for Xtreme? haha. i know it starts E but I can’t think of any eh. So, word wise, i am not into extreme adventures nor foods. I am more of a laid back chic who wants to wander safely.

Y is for Yoyo i can play yoyos. 

Z is for Ziploc I actually cannot think of any word other than Ziploc, Zoo and Zygote. So i’ll just go with Ziploc. haha. Ziploc is essential for me when I bake cakes or cupcakes as this is what I use when I decorate 🙂

Here is my A to Z challenge, what’s yours?

That’s it for now,