First trip to Baguio 

Last February of 2015 we went on a trip to Baguio City. We left Manila before sunrise and reached our destination at around noon. Our first stop was at the Lion’s Head which welcomes you as you reach Baguio. This landmark is encircled with an amusing overlooking sight of greens and blues from the trees and sky. While enjoying the scenery, we grabbed the chance to taste Baguio’s Famous Strawberry Taho (Taho: Soft tofu, Strawberry flavoring and tapioca pearls). The strawberry flavor blended well with the tofu and pearls and the taste was not far from Taho’s original flavor. It was such a nice treat as this snack is warm which conforms to the cold weather of Baguio.

After checking the place we’ll be staying at, we went to see the Baguio Cathedral which is another tourist spot in the city due to its nice features.


We then visited Sitio La Presa which became a tourist spot because of a teleserye. It was a nerve-wracking trip as to be able to get to La Presa, you have to take a steep and uphill road which one wrong move of your car, you may end up falling from the terrain. While in the mountain top, we get to see breathtaking, picture worthy view and take in the cold fresh air of Baguio. Also, we get to see Liza Soberano who stars in the said teleserye.

We started the next day at the Strawberry Farm but weren’t able to pick strawberries, so we ended up buying at the souvenir shop near the farm.

We went to Burnham Park after having lunch. The place was massive with tons of deeds to do for families with kids. There were bike and boat rentals, tiangges and food stalls. We really didn’t do much here as we are mostly adults. We just went to the tiangges and bought some pasalubongs. There are also public restrooms in the area as well where you have to pay before using.

While in Baguio, we also got the chance to experience Session Road while inside the car and stuck in traffic. It was a very crowded area and I think that to enjoy it, you must be strolling and not driving.

Before going home, we went to Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan for a quick stop. It was so serene and very sacred as you enter. I believe we came in a very right time as there were not much people in the Church. The place for lighting up candles for prayers was lovely. You may choose if you want your candles floating in water or be at the stands in the crooks of the venue.


Even though it was a short trip, I definitely had a good time. It was enough to say that I want to come visit the city again and maybe visit Sagada and have some photos taken at Session Road during night time. Mag-aala Angelica Panganiban lang ako from That Thing Called Tadhana movie! Haha.

That’s it for now.



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