The Four Ls of life

Let’s be real. All those “what to do before you hit certain age” are scattered all over the net. But, are these really helpful nor realistic rather? How about I give you another thing to read about this topic? Shall we?

I know all lives are different. We may all have a thing or two or more experiences in our present lifetime that are the same but there’s still about 20% of it that makes it unique.

I believe that the only things that a person must always do regardless of what age you are about to be is to learn the 4Ls. It may sound cliché as it is but it is the truth.

4Ls is consist of the Live, Love, Laugh, Learn. These words are actually self explanatory but none of us especially young ones really didn’t know what these are and how it works.  What does it really means?

Live life to the fullest is really ain’t that hard. Without doing anything against the law, every people will be able to enjoy life by doing things against their comfort zone. I know, I know, it isn’t easy as it sounds but every people knows that you won’t be able to know who you really are and what you can do if you always keep yourself in the safe mode. Advice is to start with the things you have always wanted to do. Like those things that your mind takes you whenever you are day dreaming or before you sleep. Try cooking, pottery, kayaking, travel. Be adventurous! Just like what the Spice Girls said, spice up your life!

Learning doesn’t end in school but it goes along as you live. If you think you are already in a place where everything else is very familiar to you, change the routine or walk away as you are already trapped in your zone. Learning is not for the weak but for everyone.

When was the last time you really Laugh so hard that you cried? Do you remember? With all the sticks and stones thrown to each of us, we tend to forget to laugh or even just to smile. Life is so beautiful (and short) to be carried away with problems. Be genuinely happy!

Most people nowadays are over driven by their chosen careers that they put Love on the side. Being career oriented is good but being overly attached to it is wrong. Don’t let that day come when you wake up and realize you are already alone. Give yourself that chance to find true love.

Live to Learn to Love and Laugh, always. 

That’s it for now,


I am a timeline myself.

I am the kind of person who sets deadlines and always has a to do list so that to get myself moving and avoid prolong procrastination. I so got used to doing this that I am even planning my life yearly and have like a 5 year to do list to track on.

When I was about 10, I planned to enter relationships after graduating college and as a sign of respect to my parents as well. Eight years after, I still haven’t been in one and Now I am 2 years away from being 30, my deadline, my marrying age.

Sure it is terrifying. There’s not even a slight sign that I am going to be in a relationship before I hit that age. I planned my everyday too well but since this didn’t occurred to me before to be this possible, I did not make a Plan B.

Mostly everyone surrounding me have been asking me, pushing me to make a move but my guts and pride are barricading me to step out of my zone. Am I procrastinating again or am I just scared? Should I follow my deadline or should I give myself longer chance to find that true love? I am so torned by these thoughts.

I believe that timelines/deadlines are made by human and the thought of ignoring this is making feel not myself. If I don’t do it, If I stop doing it, It’s not me anymore! Then so, Must I continually give love a chance to come? Must I keep on waiting? Will it be worth it to make a move?

I am human. I am a timeline myself. I don’t need help, I just need to think this through.

Right now one thing is for sure, if I reach that deadline and still single, I will enroll myself to take a medicine career or get a pomeranian. If I am able to make it, then, I will give the wedding planner the notebook of where I wrote my detailed planned wedding day.

Have I told you I have a habit of thinking too much? 

That’s it for now,