Before I started this blogsite, I had questions to regarding how committed I will become this time and what will the flow of my posts be. So, I decided to search the people in the media industry who I think blogs (Some I have been following for a while now, while some I just recently followed). Luckily, I found the people I currently call My Blogginspirations!

In no particular order, let me introduce them to you:

Andi Manzano Reyes – www.andimanzano.com

From being Magic 89.9’s DJ Andi9 to now a Mommy of Olivia, is also a blogger and vlogger! I started following her blog site recently and wow! Her radiant beauty, awesome kindness and intellect vibrates on her posts and other social accounts.

 Recently, she was awarded as Top Parenting Influencer for Philippines in Influence Asia Awards 2017. — Now while writing this blog, it seems like she is more than a blog icon to me! 

If you are a Mom or a Mom to be and want some Mommy/Parenting Blogs to read on, I definitely recommend Andi’s Blog 😉

Gretchen Ho – www.gretchenho.com

The woman in action! An inspiration to many especially to the women her age. Her intelligence and passion arrays to her work whether on tv or via her fingertips (e.g. blog).

Another blogger that proved to me that no matter how busy life gets, you must always find time to the things you love. And as for her, she finds time to stay fit, blog and travel aside from spending time with the people she loves.

And btw, this woman also won recently in Influence Asia Awards 2017 as Top Fitness and Health Influencer for the Philippines!

Maine Mendoza – www.mainemendoza.com

Yaya Dub to many, is the other half of the phenomenal AlDub that trended almost around the globe. Since the first time I saw her on tv I noticed that this lady is more than just a wacky comedian-actress-host as she portrays on tv. Maine seems to be a well read person! I like how unpretentious her posts are! It’s like she posts what she thinks, what she feels and without any worry of what readers may think of her — and I want that too! Beyond the popularity she has now, she seems to still possess the same attitude and stays true towards her blog and it’s readers!

Mari Jasmine – www.marijasmine.com

The ever pretty Mari! I actually found out about her because of Sam Milby. Since then, I followed her twitter account and just recently I followed her instagram and blog site. Her posts are mostly into fashion and wellness which are informative and the travel section was very inviting! The layout of her site is really really nice! I have only read a few of her posts and I already fell in love! — Sam, you lucky guy!

Nikki Gil Albert – www.nikkigil.com

The girl in the coke commercial to “sakayan ng jeep” to being an actress/host/VJ to now a married woman.

In her blog site, I like the life and love related section and How To posts that are informative and relatable. Also, I like that she talks about make upI think that Nikki and I, somehow, has the same color complexion and her make up tutorials can help me find new ways to apply make up to myself.

Philip Wangwww.wongfuphil.wordpress.com

The main reason I made my blog site in wordpress! I looove how this man writes the very heart warming, heart felt stories and then transform it to life via making short films in Youtube. Even his life realizations are so nice to read.

FYI: Philip is one of the 3 main guys of Wong Fu Productions. I have been a fan of these guys for almost 7 years now, also I have seen almost all their work! — I even purchased a couple of shirts from them!

I hope that I can someday write like him because you can easily feel his passion in writing just by reading his posts.

Apart from them, there are also a few more blogsites that I like visiting to. These are:

Kryz Uy – www.kryzuy.com

I like her travel section as well as her make up tutorials.

Bianca Gonzalez Intal – www.iamsuperbianca.com

I used to read her blogs for years. I love her posts especially her Top10. 

If you haven’t checked out any of the sites, I do recommend you to do so. Definitely worth your time!

Thats it for now!





I’m 2 years away till 30 and It is scary AF! I may just be overthinking but reaching that age means more responsibilities coming my way. Time to take ADULT 101 seriously!

In 28 years of existence, I really haven’t done much yet. I just finished school and currently eager to get a job from the career I chose. I haven’t been on a trip, even out of town with my friends. Not even been in a relationship. How am I suppose to face middle adulthood? Is my wisdom already enough for this new chapter?


In General Aspect:

Some says that 30 is the new 20. I am not sure why but if that’s the case, then, Can I still catch up with everything I missed in my 20s? I don’t think so. The energy of a 20 something year old has already gone in me! I cannot party and dance the night away anymore. My alcohol intolerance is already down to 2 bottles of beer or wine or maybe less and shopping for me means going to the grocery store. —- Pretty sure I am not the only one here! 

Maybe it has something to do with the opportunities… career. If that’s the case, then that’s good! More opportunities, More money to pay the bills!

In the social norm… or maybe before the millenials existed, a person in 30/-ish should have already put his/herself together or getting there. WHY?. Is there a deadline on being successful nor a prize? This is putting too much pressure! — FYI: I don’t advice you to procrastinate and be a happy go lucky either!. If a person is not there yet, wait and don’t slam the person with what is norm! The person knows that! 


In behalf:

…. yeah, we are overthinking, we are pressured! We know!


That’s it for now!


Movie: Welcome to Camp Sawi! BALANG ARAW!

Re-post from my old account published: February 9, 2017

“Hindi uso ang seatbelt, Parang love, walang safety net!” – Camp Sawi, 2016


When I saw their trailer, parang another chick flick na mema lang. Hindi man lang ako nainteresado BUT when the film started showing up sa cinema and made a buzz dun ako nagkaron ng interes. Sabi nga, don’t judge a movie, by it’s trailer!

“Sino ba kasing heart broken ang maganda?, sasaksakin ko!” – Bridget (2016), Camp Sawi


At first, I was like a ok. I was never a fan of any of them butI think these girls gave justice sa role nila. They were perfect even yung mga supporting.

Tho, I think mas mabigyan ng justice ni Janus Del Prado yung role ni Cholo Baretto. If Janus had that role, I will be asking for much more story for his role. Para makita rin ang side ng pagmmove on nila, as well as ni Sam.

I like Arci and Bella’s role, very natural yung arte nila kahit yung pagbitaw ng mga linya at mura na ang lulutong! Super bagay sa kanila. Yassi’s role was ok din… cute.

Most importantly, Ang lakas maka-body goals ng movie na to ng dahil sa cast!

“Alam mo ba kami, yung mga panget, kapag nagkaka-jowa, sobrang blessing yun! So kapag nawala, sumpa! Sumpa yun! – Camp Sawi, 2016


My favorite scene of all, and I think halos lahat naman ng nakanuod. Yung scene when Arci went to Bella’s room, maghahanap daw sila ng kakampi. Yung scene nilang dalawa sa tabing dagat kung san mananapak daw si Bella hanggang dun sa kwarto ni Bella. HAHAHA! I don’t want to put too much detail dun sa scene for those na hindi pa nakakanuod.

The best talaga dito si LOVE JOY eh!

“Alam mo, we all want to be the other girl, kaya nga pare-pareha tayong nadito eh, kasi hindi tayo yung kasama niya” – Clarisse (2016), Camp Sawi


Sarap murahin nung lines! Sa super natural umarte ng cast, yung pagbitaw ng lines super effective especially Arci! I like her better kapag yung roles niya kanto like this!

Swak yung lines. Hindi pinilit, parang normal conversation lang in real life.

Kudos Bela and Neil! 

“Kapag magkasama kami, nakikita ko naman na mahal niya ako eh, ang hindi ko maintindihan, bakit hindi ako, bakit hindi ako!” – Bridget (2016), Camp Sawi


Based on my research, sa Bantayan Island daw to in Cebu. So if you are interested, Search it up in google just type in Camp Sawi Bantayan Beach and you’ll see there the specific resort where this movie was shoot.

“Alin, marupok? Yung konting care, konting halik, kakalimutan na natin lahat?” – Gwen (2016), Camp Sawi


Kung napanuod mo yung movie na Jologs ng Star Cinema nuon, hindi sya ganun!

I like how swabe this movie is. Hindi magulo intindihin! Yung connection nilang 5 plus Sam’s (Eto yung part na hindi ko nagets. Sino Ex nya?)  eh all connected thru being sawi and moving on. Bawat role may kanya kanyang shining moment!

*Ang comment ko lang siguro is, nagfocus masyado sa girls tong movie. Maganda din sana if makita kung pano naman magmove on ang mga lalaki and LGBT. Maybe in the next movie?

Ayoko magbigay ng masyadong details to not pre-empt anything eh. Sorry lakwents react ko! hahaha! Basta maganda siya!

“Masarap naman talaga mainlove eh, kaya kahit nasasaktan tayo paulit ulit tayong nagmamahal” Gwen (2016), Camp Sawi

BALANG ARAW!  —– Ang talino ng nakaisip nito!

“Pagkatapos ba nito, makaka-move on na tayo? – Bridget

“Depende” – Gwen

“Depende Sayo” – Clarisse

Camp Sawi, 2016

I super recommend this movie. Feel Good movie siya!

That’s it for now.




How ma-notice ni Crush na hindi ka kilala 101… or in General.

Re-post from my old account published: September 13, 2016

So I saw in facebook this “Paano mapansin ni Crush na hindi ka kilala” tips from the University something files. Natawa ako kasi most of the tips na nandun eh nagawa ko na. Did it work? No. 

Sabi dun, i-add sa facebook. 

Inadd ko ng last week ng November 2014, inaccept ako December 24 2014. January 31, 2015 ini-unfriend ko. Why? Ofcourse, kahit sinasabi na “i-accept lang niya ako ok na” eh we will still end up expecting for more (Yan tayo eh, ‘di makuntento!). I noticed myself checking his facebook account almost everyday at hoping pa na magmessage siya, eh nakakatanga kasi wala siyang ginawa for a month, edi binura ko. Ang useless eh! 

Sabi dun, i-message mo kahit wrong send then pahabain mo.

Nagmessage ako ng last week ng January 2016. Nagpakilala ako and all. Up to now, wala pa din reply. Nice dba? A-ffort! Lunok na lunok na ang pride!

Did I continue to pursue him? No. Why?

Paano magpa-cute kay crush na hindi ka kilala 101? I learned this the hard way guys!

  1. Simply because, hindi pwede! 

Ask yourself, sino ba sya?  then, sino ba ako sa kanya?. Kung ayaw mo mapagkamalan na stalker, ‘wag kang humarot! Huwag isabuhay ang “2016 na ngayon! (o kung ano mang taon mo to mabasa!) Pwede na mauna kahit sino!”  dahil kung hindi kayo magkakilala at wala kayong common friend/s (as in 0 zero) eh hindi ito applicable! Maghanap ka muna ng common friend at dun ka magsimula. 

Ang landi, may pinipili din na sitwasyon. Husayan ang paggamit! Ilagay sa tama!

  1. Brain over Lust over Heart and not the other way around.

Syempre, pag may nakita kang cute somewhere mauuna dyan yung magpapacute ka ng slight dba? Huhulihin mo kung tinitignan ka din. Kapag dun pa lang eh wala na. As in kahit daplis lang ng mata eh wala, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT FISH! Hayaan na lang sa puson ang sakit. Huwag ma-fall! Kung susubukan mo man dumiskarte ay matutong isa-UTAK LAMANG o gamitin lagi ang utak! Alamin mo limitasyon mo!

Just so you know, bago ako nagmove kay crush eh higit isang taon ko na siyang sinisipat niyan. May encounters na din pero not directly na kaming dalawa pero sadly, sadyang walang effect eh! Hahaha!

That’s it for now!



Right way to Tambay

Re-post from my old account published: August 7, 2016

Para sa tamang chill simple lang kelangan mo. Konting ganito at konting ganyan lang e ayos na!
Eto yung mga tambay na masarap gawin kahit everyday pa! Hindi kelangan ng matinding plano.


Maganda sabado nights para kahit magpakawasak ka kiber lang kasi bukas pwede ka matulog kahit all day pa! Hindi ka din magsisimula magchill ng pagod. Well rested ka!

Kahit kaninong bahay basta may magandang spot outdoors. Pero wag sa ma-aso o may aso para walang basag trip!

Dapat gabi! Mga 8pm onwards. Yung dadating ka sa venue ng nakapag dinner ka na para dretso tagay na!


Kelangan ko pa ba iisplika? Common sense na lang. Wala pa naman lasing satin eh. Pero samahan mo ng kumot kasi malamig na bandang 10pm at comforter para sa mga single!

Katol din please! Para tepok si lamok.


Hindi yung mahahabang puti ha! Hindi rin yung maliliit! Yung mga majuba na bilog na malaki tapos mga kahit 4 nun! Syempre lighter din lalo na kung wala kang friend na nagyyosi. Kesehodang nasa candle holder o wala basta wag mo kalimutan patayin pagkatapos eh PASOK NA YAN!


I-ready ang spotify o apple music. No commercials please! Sabay i-sync mo sa speaker, volume up, and boom! Siguraduhin mong may back up playlist ka dahil ang ikot ng tugtog ay from party song to rnb or slow jams papuntang emo songs. Mag save ka ng madami bilang may mga taong ayaw ng song choice mo at sasabihin sayong “next please” or “playlist ko na lang!” in different ways and in million times!


Dapat pulutan lang pero bilang may ibang tao na gusto ng libre eh maghanda ka ng kanin at isang mabigat na ulam. Pwede din yung pupulutanin na lang para isang lutuan na lang pero dapat MADAMI!

Kung hikahos ka, chips na tagppiso pwede na pero kung bagong sweldo eh sus! magpasisig ka naman pre!


Hard man o light basta alcohol, solb! Damay mo yelo saka chaser para sa mga baguhan sa paginom.


Siguraduhin mo lang na kompleto ang types of friends sigurado laughtrip na!


  1. Si Yayamanin. Malaki sumweldo, Rich Kid, May sini-celebrate, Nag-aya uminom, Galing ibang bansa. Siya ang panauhing pandangal. Hindi dapat nawawala sa inom.
  2. Si Uutuin. Isa pang importante. Siya yung oo agad kapag sinabi mong bumili ng yelo sa kanto.
  3. Si Mother Nature. Siya ang taga kuha at taga siguradong may pulutan pa. Siya ang punong abala at taga pag alaga ng mga may amats na.
  4. Si Laptrip. Siya ang madalas pagtripan ng lahat. Hindi siya pwedeng absent kung hindi malungkot lalo na si Hirit King/Queen.
  5. Si Hirit King/Queen. Eto yung hindi pa mga umiinom pero parang tatlong case na ng beer ang tinunga sa sobrang kulit at wagas humirit. Siya yung madalas maingay at minumura sa tambay.
  6. Si Manong. Ang saviour ng lahat. Siya ang taga hatid ng mga lasing. Period.
  7. Si Treasurer. Yung taga bilang ng mga nailabas na pera. Taga compute. Yung tapos na ang tambay eh naniningil pa rin siya!

Tara Set na Yan!

That’s it for now!




Re-post from my old account published: August 2, 2016

Kelangan ba talaga ng closure para makapag move on? Hindi ako naniniwala.

Ang dalawang taong tinuldukan ang kanilang relasyon. Magandang paraan man o pangit. May tanong pang hindi nasasagot o wala. Hindi na mababago ng mga ito ang katotohanan na tapos na kayo.

Magandang paraan at wala ng tanong:

Ito yung mga relasyon na wala ng closure talaga. DAPAT. Dahil hilig sabihin ay lahat napagusapan na. Parehas na dapat magsimulang mag move on. KUNG may nakalimutan tanungin o biglang naalalang kelangan klaruhin ay hindi na dapat maghabol pa na makapagusap pa. Parehas na kayong nasa proseso ng moving on. Tanungin mo na lang sa hangin.

Hindi magandang paraan at marami pang tanong:

Parehas man ang desisyon o hindi eh tapos na ang relasyong ito. Huwag ng maghabol na magusap pa… closure. Sa oras na tinapos na ang isang relasyon ay dapat close na ang utak at puso sa idea ng existence niya at buksan na lang ulit kapag naka-move on na. Yun lang ang closure na kelangan mo at hindi ang magklaro pa ng kung ano ano.

Aanhin mo pa ba ang mga sagot sa closure kung wala ng relasyon? Wala diba? Walang silbi lang. Pumasok ka ng relasyon niyo ng ikaw at siya lang. Walang pre-relationship talk kaya wag ka din gumawa ng post break-up talk aka closure. 

Nung panahon nila Jose Rizal, may closure ba? WALA! Though hindi man ako sigurado sa sagot ko pero sigurado akong hindi na nila inisip yun nuon dahil sa dami ng nangyayari sa paligid nila. Nakapag move on sila ng maayos. Kaya ganun lang dapat ang ginagawa. MOVE ON AGAD AFTER BREAK UP. Huwag kang Elisse! 

Huwag ng isipin na kung minahal ka ba at magtanong. Huwag ng isipin kung naging loyal ba sayo at magtanong. Hindi mo na siya masasampal kasi wala ka ng karapatan! Tapos na kayo! Huwag ka ng magisip pa! Kung bitter ka pa, maligo ka ng may asin para matanggal!

May iba na ginagamit ang closure to ask for second chances. Huwag kang Jerome! Ang EX hindi na binabalikan. Hindi kayo maghihiwalay kung masaya talaga kayo in the first place. May problema man nuon na dulot ng ibang tao, hindi pa rin yun rason dahil kayong dalawa lang ang nasa relasyon. Kung bumitaw na kayo sa first chance palang ano pa sa second chance?!

Para sa akin, ang closure ay parang hope sa relasyon. Nakakatanga lang.


That’s it for now!



HIMYM: Letter to Ted Mosby

Re-post from my old account publised: July 14, 2016

Hi Teddddd!

You do not know me but I sorta know you. I have seen some of the season 1 and the last two episodes of the last season of HIMYM just now and I am already wanting to meet you.

It is funny how maybe 19 episodes, wikipedia reading and pinterest pictures made me fall for you. YES! Well, it may not be like the what Marshall and Lily has but it is definitely not like how Barney was with the ladies. It is maybe like how you felt when you met Slutty Pumpkin in the halloween party in the rooftop. That I can wait for you for years so I can get to know you more.

Creepy isn’t it? Haha! Well that’s how you were with her.

I like how you are not cynical with love (applause to the writers!!). You wait. And wait. And never lose hope. You believed. I guess that is one of the many reason why I admire you. You are even willing to pay and break an engagement just to see if an 8.6 can lead you to your “the one”.  

If only HIMYM is a real life story… I will go to the MacLaren’s pub every night and wait for Barney to ask me if I have met you. I will talk to you. Get to know you.  I will teach you how to bake, make sure you are at home sleeping after 2am, make your coffee taste a little rusty, I will still allow you to go to the pub as long as you are not alone with Barney. And make you realize that Robin nor Tracey is not the one for you. Not even Victoria.

I will get to know you more by watching more episodes. So I’ll get back to you after I do that.

That’s it for now.



He likes me. He likes me not.

Re-post from my old account published: July 12, 2016

He likes me not was my classmate in second grade. He was tall, thin, hair almost covering part of his left eye. He was so nice and charming that most of our batchmates finds him really cute. I told him I have a crush on him and he replied me with a beautiful smile. We became best of friends throughout the school year. But then, we went to different class on our third grade and we suddenly lost touch with each other. He is my first crush aside Patrick Garcia.

He likes me was the transfer student from another country in my elementary years. He was my classmate and we became friends. Then suddenly he started showing he care and telling how likeable I am even I have told him to stop numerous time. Now, we are facebook friends as we both live in different countries.

He likes me not was my elementary best friend who I had a puppy love on. He was a transfer student whose classroom is just across mine. We became friends and got to know each other well through endless phone calls. He was nice, caring, a gentleman at that time,  he made me feel special which I unknowingly fell for. He told me he liked me too but he ended up liking my girl friend more. Graduation came. He ended up to be that guy I used to know and so as I to him.

He likes me not is the guy from the other school. I had this huge crush on this guy during highschool who goes to same school as my siblings. He was tall, thin, chinito and a member of a drama club. I was so dying to meet him personally so I went to his school during their school fair. I spoke to him and introduced myself. He talked to me nicely even though I was a complete stranger to him. It did not progress to anything of course. Last week, I saw their wedding video in you tube. I was surprised to see that and also happy for him.

He likes me not is my batchmate in college. I had the task to make an AVP for our capping day in school. I was always online on my yahoo messenger every night at that time when he suddenly sent me a message “sup?”. It felt surreal as we haven’t spoken to each other in school. Since then we chatted almost every night and also texting. We began to be really close. He showed he cared, he was protective and sweet which made me… again… fell. He was in a complicated relationship that time and it did not progress which I am happy because he became one my best guy friends up to now.

He likes me not is my college classmate. He was one of those who knew me well at that time. We have that “tickling teasing” we do that some of our schoolmates think we were a couple. We were a “love team”  in school for like 2 years. He became close with my friends as well as my family. We were always there for each other. Sadly, it all changed when he fell to our batchmate. He kept it a secret. I felt betrayed. I was hurt. I was left with “What happened to us?”. With no clear explanation and answers (up to now), we just moved on. 

He likes me not is the guy from work. He was tall, broad shoulders, so nice and charming. He was still in college that time and was a football player in their school. He is my out of my league type of guy. We texted for two years and ended up just being friends. 

He likes me not is the guy from the Church. We go to the same mass every saturday (separately) for years and sits on the same side of the Church. We don’t know each other personally. He caught my attention because he seems to be like the guy version of me: eldest, goes to Church with family, and doesn’t seem to like hanging out too much. I tried ways to be friends with him but unluckily, I did not receive any response from him. Now, four years after, we are still churchmates.

He likes me is the guy from the future. The guy I have been waiting to meet. The guy who I would like to think is someone tall, has broad shoulders, charming, responsible, respectful, and successful (meaning: having a job and the ability to support finances). Someone who will break the ice instead of me doing it. Who will say what he feels and doesn’t leave me wondering. Who likes just me, will stay with me and will make me say we are soulmates. 

That’s it for now.