Self: I’m 2 years away till 30 and It is scary AF! I may just be overthinking but reaching that age means more responsibilities coming my way. Time to take ADULT 101 seriously! In 28 years of existence, I really haven’t done much yet. I just finished school and currently eager to get a job from the career I chose. I haven’t been on a trip, … Continue reading 30 

Movie: Welcome to Camp Sawi! BALANG ARAW!

Re-post from my old account published: February 9, 2017 “Hindi uso ang seatbelt, Parang love, walang safety net!” – Camp Sawi, 2016 Trailer When I saw their trailer, parang another chick flick na mema lang. Hindi man lang ako nainteresado BUT when the film started showing up sa cinema and made a buzz dun ako nagkaron ng interes. Sabi nga, don’t judge a movie, by it’s … Continue reading Movie: Welcome to Camp Sawi! BALANG ARAW!